Fashion leather belts.

BREDAL - Belts on the wild side. Luxury leather shop

Unique leather belts for him and her.

Leather belts in alligator, crocodile, ostrich, lizard, python, and shark.

Handmade silver buckles made in collaboration with artists.
Bredal luxury belts are leather belts that have two layers - ox or cowhide as the backside/liner, and a front skin that is an exotic skin.
Quality designer belts will have a stamp in the lining that indicates the type of skin and where it is made.
This provides assurance of authenticity.

Europe's largest selection of exotic exclusive leather belts.

The finest belts can be passed down to the next generation. Timeless yet fashionable. A sense of luxury for everyday and special occasions. Tradition and craftsmanship - where the leather gains more patina the more it is used and the longer it is worn.

Prices range from NOK 1,600 to NOK 28,900

The leather belts are made in the USA.

Showroom - Fornebu Manor, Fornebuveien 84, Lysaker
open from 11:00 - 18:00 + Monday - Thursday, closed on Fridays. By appointment via phone every day.

Mobile: 91124277

House of Fornebu offers a one-stop luxury concept consisting of BREDAL, Il Pantheon - exquisite tailoring with Italian connections, SMKR - diamonds and jewelry, as well as Junge & Co, supplier of independent watch brands from Switzerland and Germany.

Men's collection

Luxury exotic artisan handcrafted products for him. Check out the finest leather belts for men in the Nordic countries. Norway's best-selling leather belts such as Freshwater Crocodile Hornback - center piece of crocodile back from farming in New Guinea. Braids that are great for shorts, chinos and jeans for sun and summer.


Hva er en sneaker? Hva kjennetegner en Wild by BREDAL sneaker?

May 24, 2024

En sneaker er en casual sko, en fritidssko, med flat hel og en passform som er spesielt egnet til gåturer og alment bruk.  I motsetning til en joggesko som er laget for å ivareta en løpers behov.  Dvs. hæloppbygging, sidestøtte, demping  fremover i sålen og stuk fremover.  Sidevridning og ankelstøtte er viktig. Sålematerialet varierer. Sneakers er ikke ment som noen løpesko og skal gi comfort for gange, dvs ofte god ankelstøtte, romslig og samtidig smidig. Gummisåler festet til en tøyoverdel var noe Hr. Dunlop oppfant i 1830. Sneakers var opprinnelig en sandsko.  Den  hadde lisser og var lydløs -  du var "snikende". Wild by BREDAL sneakers er spesielle pga ekstrem comfort og meget eksklusivt materiale som alligator, krokodille, struts, pyton,... Les videre..... →

Fashion and fashion, or style and profile. Who are you?

March 01, 2024

A little reflection on who and what influences us. After many years in both the fashion and advertising industries, it is natural to have some thoughts on what and who influences our view and our attitudes to how we want to appear today. And then I especially think about the facade in this blog post. We live in a troubled and uncertain world in 2024 and that reflects fashion. When there are clear upswings we see many worn jeans with many holes, it shows that you don't need to worry, while in tougher times the signals are often that you buy better lasting qualities and less - the style becomes more serious. In the 1980s, the fashion industry introduced itself... Les videre..... →

Bredal Wild collaborates with Junge @ Co at Fornebu Hovedgaard

November 14, 2023

Robin Junge and his staff are distributors in Norway for some of the finest watch brands out there. Most are called Indie watches, which means that they are made in few copies. Today they carry brands such as Bianchet, Cyrus, Czapek, Frank Muller, Gorilla, Moritz Grossmann, Perrelet, Roger Dubuis and Speake-Marin. Prices from NOK 12,000 to 3,300,000. See Klepcys Vertical Skeleton Tourbillon Rosegold NOK 2,200,000 Les videre..... →

Exotic Leather Explained - YouTube

May 21, 2020

The video shows how the alligator stock is maintained and how resources are utilized for the best - the Louisana Fish and Wildlife Department is perhaps the strictest in the world - and follows CITES in every way. This provides security for all parties.
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