Exotic skins from all over the world

BREDAL - Belts onthe wild side. Luxury leather shop

Unique leather belts for him and her.

Leather belts in alligator, crocodile, ostrich, lizard, python and hai.

Handmade silver buckles and watch straps made in collaboration with artists.Bredal Luxury belts are leather belts that have two layers bull or cowhide as back / liner and a front skin as one exotic leather . This differs from regular cowhide belts that are in the trade. There you will also find imprint / imprint belts that are in cowhide - they mimic real exotic leather. Quality designer leather belts will havestamp in lining which tells what leather it is and where it is made. It provides security for real goods.

The finest belts can be handed over to the next generation. Timeless and at the same time fashion. A feeling of luxury in everyday life and parties. Tradition and good craftsmanship - where the leather gets more patina the more and longer it is used.

 Prices from NOK 1,600 to NOK 17,900

 See also: www.bredalbelts.com

The leather belts are made in the USA.

New showroom - Fornebu Hovedgård, Fornebuveien 84, Lysaker (by Radisson Blu)- open from 15 - 18 Monday to Thursday.

Feel free to contact 91124277 for an appointment.NB. New belts in stock now 1 May.

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