How should I measure a belt?

How should I measure a belt?

How to measure your belt

A belt you buy from me is measured as above - from the end without a buckle to the middle hole of five.
Remember! You never measure with buckles, because buckles have different length measurements.

If you already have a belt and are going to tell me what you want in size - enter cm measurements from the end (buckle side) and to the hole you use the most.

 If you are still unsure, measure cm around the waist in the usual way, or on the hip, depending on the type of trousers you are going to use the belt for. Women often choose to measure waist. Many of my belts are marked with inches or are in full length 44 inches which I cut and adapt to you.

 Many people have the belt too long - from the hole chosen above , I choose about 14 cm out to the tip . The belt has five holes when you buy it - it is measured to the middle hole so you have some leeway both ways. Otherwise, the European standard is 35 mm wide on dress belts and 38 mm on jeans belts. Americans choose 30 mm and 38 mm.

Attaches table of inches/cm

32 inches/81 cm

34 inches/86 cm

36 inches/91 cm

38 inches/96 cm

40 inches/101 cm

42 inches/106 cm

44 inches/111 cm

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