Crescent Matte Alligator - Tapered

Crescent Matte Alligator - Tapered

Alligator belt.  A lot exclusive.. Tapered (narrowed at each end). The gift for you or others. Handmade through 37 operations - tanning time of many months for softness. A gemstone of a leather. Made by artisans at Crescent, established in the French Quarter of New Orleans in 1926. Bredal has the agency outside the United States. Our belts are hand-glued so as not to perforate the leather. They have push buttons to change the buckle. It comes with an exquisite brass pencil in satin nickel from Guimer, Italy . The back of the belt is shoulder off norsk ku , vegetable tanned in Belgium and then shipped to New Orleans. The alligator skin and the cowhide have the collagen in the same direction so that the wear is small. Delivered in a gift bag from BREDAL. Contact.Weight 1 inchsilver buckles fits these belts.

Kolleksjoner: Men's collection

Type: Luxury belts men

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