Crocodile Hornback. 38 mm. But

Back side of Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Novaeguineae). Breeding. Back (lining) is the front part of the Belgian cow, vegetable tanned in Belgium - sent to El Paso, Texas and glued together with the exotic skin. Measured from end edge (without buckle) to middle hole of 5.

The most popular belt in the collection . This is the middle piece of the back - in full length. NB. Not all European competitors have neck horns and are not full length . Ie. this is a completely different quality and has a different visual impression.

If you have a belt, measure the size from the hole you use the most - to the end edge without a buckle. That will be the right goal. Doubt about size call 91124277.

PS. This model does very well with the selection of Jacob Cohen's jeans models.

Or to a Levi`s masculine cotton jeans as alternatives to 501.

Now in stock May 1st.


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