Crocodile Hornback. 38 mm.

Crocodile Hornback. 38 mm.

Dorsal side of Freshwater Crocodile (Crocodylus Novaeguineae). Breeding. Backside (lining) is front part Belgian cow, vegetable tanned in Belgium - sent to El Paso, Texas and glued together with the exotic leather. Measured from the end edge (without buckle) to the middle hole of 5.

The most popular belt in the collection . This is the middle part of the back - in full length. NB. All European competitors do not have neck horns and are not full length . That is this is a completely different quality and has a different visual impression.

If you have a belt, measure the size from the hole you use the most - to the end edge without a buckle. That will be the right goal. If in doubt about size, call 91124277.

PS. This model does very well with the selection of Jacob Cohen's jeans models.

Or to a Levi's masculine cotton jeans as alternatives to the 501.


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