Mote i 2024: Stil eller Profil?

Fashion and fashion, or style and profile. Who are you?

A little reflection on who and what influences us.

After many years in both the fashion and advertising industries, it is natural to have some thoughts on what and who influences our view and our attitudes to how we want to appear today. And then I especially think about the facade in this blog post.

We live in a troubled and uncertain world in 2024 and that reflects fashion.

When there are clear upswings we see many worn jeans with many holes, it shows that you don't need to worry, while in tougher times the signals are often that you buy better lasting qualities and less - the style becomes more serious.

In the 1980s, the fashion industry introduced itself two main presentations annually with new products and maybe a small one middle collection. In recent times, the big fashion houses in Europe have been up in six annual collections - discounted sales have often come almost immediately and far too early. The climate footprint and waste have reached heights that no one benefits from and the fashion houses are beginning to understand that this cannot continue.

Reuse and used clothes have become fashionable and at Fretex, for example, you can find quality brands at a good price.

How does fashion come about??

For years there have been professional trend agencies that provide input to the fashion houses. They follow what happens on the street and environments in the big cities, on groups and individuals who can be mouthpieces for new impulses. Music has always been a source for new trends. If Bruce Springsteen wore black 501 Levis jeans, he was of course a role model in 1985 - the same time Aha was. Incidentally, the first time jeans were on the catwalk was in 1978 - by Calvin Klein..

Levi's commercials in 1980 from Bartle, Bogie & Hegarty to make BRAND IMAGE were wonderful - they combined music, fashion and famous idols. You went to the cinema to watch commercials.....

But from the leaked views from the big fashion houses, we might see colors and small cuts to ordinary clothes But there are such as Hennes & Maurits, Sara oa which gives the fashion image greater visibility.

What about the influencers?

Well, what can one say? There is often a lack of knowledge and experience - most people are probably very self-absorbed. But of course there are exceptions. Women are the majority of the influencers and their followers are young women. In fashion, it is far from something that affects men in particular..

Men have mostly been concerned with cars, watches, suits, leather belts, and nice shoes (refined soon)..

Today there is also a lot bracelets and sneakers in the fashion image that gives the man a slightly fresher feel.

On Pitti Uomo fair there were many years ago peacocks, by which is meant a strong desire to express oneself. Many layer upon layer, tie, strong colours, put in the trousers etc., too much, many will probably say. Unclear direction perhaps....

Safe and timeless style.

James Dean, Marlon Brando and Brad Pitt have something in common - they instill/provide confidence with their white T-shirts, black leather jackets, brown bomber jackets and jeans. The simple is often what gives the safest style fidelity.

remember that small routes in a shirt lasts longer in the fashion image than big route, small strokes on a jacket as well. That a double-breasted jacket lasts shorter than single-ended. Especially pointed shoes are a challenge, while you follow what Church and others offer classic editions that are not challenged so much by the fashion scene.

Finally, it can be mentioned that older men would benefit from a little use of colors - for example washed out colors on shirts and not least that it is required to be well groomed..

It's style and profile....



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